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Improve Indoor Air Quality

In order to increase energy efficiency, modern buildings are constructed to be increasingly air-tight. However, the EPA has found that air from indoor industrial spaces can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. When one considers that people will spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, it's vital to improve the quality of the air everyone is breathing.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a building can have potentially harmful, implications for occupants that live, work, or study there every day. IAQ is a measurement of the amount of undesirable substances in the air that can have adverse health effects such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide, natural gas, mold, and bacteria. The harmful effects that can result from poor IAQ include:

  • Health and Wellness Effects: Acute allergies, headaches, coughs, asthma, skin irritations, and breathing difficulties, as well as chronic illnesses such as cancer, liver disease, kidney damage, and nervous-system failure.

  • Cognitive Function Effects: Studies by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that carbon dioxide (CO2)-a constituent of exhaled breath-negatively impacted thinking and decision-making at levels commonly found inside homes and buildings.

  • Productivity Losses: Worker sickness and absenteeism cause serious losses for businesses of every type, which is estimated to cost the U.S. economy $168 billion annually.

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Along with temperature and cleanliness, an often-overlooked aspect of air comfort in a space is humidity. Inadequate water content in the air can lead to seasonal discomforts and damage to property.

  • Infections, allergies, and general respiratory irritation can worsen as a result of low ambient humidity.

  • Dryness of the eyes and skin may cause physical discomfort, negatively impacting cognitive function and productivity.

  • Wood timbers and furniture, paintings and historical documents, as well as leather and fur can become brittle and cracked in dry air.

  • Static discharge becomes more likely with less moisture, which can damage sensitive electronics.

The J-Series line of humidifiers by Carnes combats low humidity by injecting pure steam into an air-handling system, or directly into a space with an optional blower-pack. Electrically generating steam from a local water source quickly raises the humidity in a space to more comfortable levels and protects personnel and property from the negative effects of dehydrated air. Our touch-screen interface allows for local control of scheduling and outputs, and optional networking attachments let customers monitor and control their system from a distance.

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