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Ceiling-Fan VCDD-005C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-010C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-015C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-020C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-025C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-030C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-040C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-050C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-070C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-090C

Ceiling-Fan VCDD-150C

Ceiling-Fan VCDK-005C

Ceiling-Fan VCDK-008-009C

Ceiling-Fan VCDK-010-015C

Ceiling-Fan VCDK-090-170C

Ceiling-Fan VCDK-090-170I

Carnes is a member of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) and maintains certified catalog performance in relevant product groups for the highest assurance of performance accuracy. Intertek Testing Services (ITS) formerly known as ETL Testing Laboratories provides Carnes with ETL listings. Underwriters Laboratories provides Carnes with UL and CUL listings in Canada. Both listings are standard or optional on many Carnes products.